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Grossman Services: Executive Project Management and Brokerage Services

“You must have a trusted representative locally to be truly successful.”
~Kevin Grossman

Grossman Services works with companies and individuals to implement their projects better. Projects include commercial and investment real estate development, facility planning and renovations, brokerage, business expansion capital and strategic planning.

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Kevin Grossman is the president and Designated Broker. Learn more about Grossman Services at their website,; their blog,; or Kevin’s LinkedIn profile

Q: What is the key to Grossman Services’ success?

A: We work with clients to understand their goals, objectives, values and purpose and then use our experience and background to help them clarify project needs, identify paths that best fit them. Then, we provide executive project management or brokerage services to complete the project.

Our ability to listen, understand and then clarify pathways to commercial success for our clients sets us apart.

Process is the key. You want someone helping you and representing your interests who will be asking good questions and really listening. They should be able to articulate your range of desired outcomes, and to move through the decision-making process with this foundation. The better understood the range of desired outcomes, the better the ultimate fit of a lease agreement or acquisition in supporting your company’s success.

Good inquiry and process is valuable, and worth the time for you to find the right person to work with. It produces consistently solid outcomes resulting in your facilities supporting your bigger strategic – not just immediate – tactical needs.

Hard work also pays off. My favorite quote is by Thomas Edison, who said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Q. Is there a recent breakthrough that makes you proud?

A: We recently completed Index Sensors building. This is first manufacturing lease in Washington that required a total renovation and reuse of an old building. We turned an eyesore into a world class advanced manufacturing facility for our client. It received the highest award for energy efficiency (LEED Gold award).

Q. Is there any new initiative or project that you plan to or hope to start that will help further your opportunities to do business with China?

A: We are advising the City of Bellevue on EB-5 Regional Investment Centers. EB-5 is a fast track, special visa incentive program that channels foreign capital for business and job growth, real estate development, and, by implication, international relationship building.

Q. Is there some obstacle that you overcame in doing business in China?

A: Bellevue Economic Development has been a very helpful, sophisticated advisor to me.

Q. What suggestions would you offer to businesses in China that might want to do more business with the United States?

A: You must have a trusted representative locally to be truly successful. Senior level partners as your representative can work to help the foreign company to develop their reach into the US market and to find opportunities in the US that can help the company grow.

Q. What does your role and responsibilities in your company mean to you personally?

A: I enjoy getting to know my clients beyond just the numbers. I’m interested in understanding their goals, values and purpose. Taking the time to understand objectives beyond a spreadsheet allows me to better meet their goals and it’s more enjoyable to work with someone when I understand what their “big picture” perspectives are.

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