NorthStar Animation

NorthStar Animation: China-America Success Story

We’ll never cease in our pursuit of excellence and our attention to detail.
- Ken Etheridge, Founder & Partner, NorthStar Animation

Tell us about NorthStar Animation.

NorthStar is a China-America partnership and success story. NorthStar specializes in the creation and production of computer 2D and 3D animation, special effects for TV/internet animation series, computer games, feature films, architectural images and animation. We offer high-quality work and at a price level that is extremely competitive with any North American animation company.

We offer our clients a full range of services from storyboard to the construction of final products as well as a range of complimentary advertising and marketing services that can enhance the animation services we provide.

Where are you located?

Our sales offices are located in Bellevue, WA; New York, NY; Lauderhill, FL and Richmond, BC. Our production studio is located in Shanghai, China. That means access to a talented work pool at highly competitive prices. Our edge is high quality at lower costs.

Ken Etheridge, Founder & Partner, NorthStar Animation

What is your company motto or is a key principle of its success strategy?

We’ll never cease in our pursuit of excellence and our attention to detail.

Part of our advantage is excellent management of work processes among offices in different parts of the globe. For example, we use on-line project management software for tracking milestones and tasks and keep projects on time and on budget. All stakeholders are kept up to date 24/7. It allows everyone worldwide to collaborate, discuss issues and communicate effectively.

How do your strategic alliances with post-production and production companies help you do your job better?

Our alliances with companies in New York City, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada allow us to partner with their creative and talented teams of editors, production supervisors, and field personnel.

Each company offers services from location shooting and creative picture editorial to web encoding, voice over, sound mixing, BluRay/DVD authoring and replication, and broadcast delivery.

Do you see opportunities for your business in Asia?

We see sales opportunities growing in Asia as the market for entertainment and gaming matures.

How can we learn more about Northstar Animation?

Visit our website,

You can connect with me on LinkedIn:

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