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‘”Doing business at the speed of trust’ makes for greater success both in China and the USA. We live by that.”
– Shawn Mesaros, PAMRIA

Shawn A. Mesaros is the Founding Principal of PAMRIA, a private wealth management firm located in Seattle, Washington USA. He is the Managing Director of Portfolio Management, USA and the Mainland China Managing Director of Investment Banking and Private Equity. Contact Mr. Mesaros at; 206-923-9200.

Q. Please tell us about Pamria’s special expertise.

A. Pamria is a China-USA “dual shore” Private Wealth Management firm. We provide banking and investment advisory services for high net worth families and large institutions, and we focus on developing long-term business relationships with our clients.

Families may have equity from a business, family industry presence, or inheritance. In all three cases, estate planning and other forms of private investment can be highly complex. We help these families simplify and streamline their options.

Solutions are also best when they reach beyond passive investing. Therefore, we focus on partnerships and building businesses that meet both management and investor goals.

Shawn Mesaros, PAMRIA; Conrad Lee, Bellevue Mayor; Zhang Zili, Managing Director, Harvest Fund, Beijing

Q. Pamria’s philosophy guides its investment activities. Tell us about your philosophy.

A. We are fully client centered. Our motto is execute every day for clients and persist in providing the solutions and success promised.

We develop strong, collegial relationships with management teams based on three core principles: mutual respect, common goals and trust. We have a profound respect for talented people. They drive success in the businesses and catalyze growth in our target markets.

This core belief enables us to be a productive, collaborative partner, and facilitate an open, informed dialogue with our management partners. This then enables Pamria to act more swiftly and decisively when opportunities or challenges emerge.

Q. Why is your investment activity so focused?

A. We limit ourselves to a small and carefully-selected number of businesses. By dedicating our resources in this way, we enable management teams to expand the scope or accelerate the time frames of their business plans.

We work closely with management to support the development of each company’s strategic plan and initiatives to improve growth, profitability, operational effectiveness and, ultimately, business value.

Focus like this can build market-leaders. The effectiveness of this focused approach is demonstrated over and again by substantial growth and improved profitability at a variety of companies.

Q. Do you see opportunities for your business in China or other parts of Asia?

A. We decided to make a huge commitment to China in 2011 in order to capitalize on the growing market, the need for Western-styled accounting and risk controls, and of course, the opportunity to continue to serve our clients with broader knowledge of the world’s most dominant country which is growing 300% faster than America.

Q. Is there any new initiative or project that you plan to or hope to start that will help further these opportunities?

A. We have multiple cross-border initiatives in place with current clients, restructuring opportunities which make sense for our clients, private wealth management which includes overseas clients, and importantly, foreign direct investment to the United States given the wealth of fresh capital being generated in Mainland China.

We have acquired several top affiliates for underwriting, securities law in China, and accounting services which are specific to capital markets (securities specialists) through whom we can provide best practices for our clients.

Q. How do you serve as a point of contact and representative for the City of Bellevue?

A. I have lived in the Bellevue-Seattle metro area for 40+ years, including two decades in the investment business. My intimate knowledge of both local culture and the compliance background allows us to guide toward “best practices” so that the money flows to the Pacific Northwest and stays there and grows in wealth due to a good initial entry.

Q. What suggestions would you offer to businesses in China that might want to do more business with the United States?

A. They need to make sure that they have a full-time translator to keep up with the paperwork. Also, they should make certain to open representative offices in the USA and acquire the proper relationships in mainland China (like speaking with us more often) in order to smooth the transition from China to the United States.

Q. Is there some obstacle that you overcame in doing business in China?

A. We needed to be resourceful at finding employees, office space, etc. It’s not easy for everyone, but we made it work. Our model is absolutely replicable and we are pleased to consult those who are thinking about operating a dual-shore model such as ours. It can be highly rewarding.

Q. What does your role and responsibilities in your company mean to you personally?

A. We must represent excellence and best practices at all key levels. In finance, reputation is everything, and having survived four global market meltdowns and financial crises in my 20-year career on Wall Street, I know something about reputation excellence.

Our philosophy of doing business includes “The customer always comes first.” And “there can be no conflicts of interest.”

These are the ideals we project in the China market, and, as you would expect, investors run directly toward us when they understand that all we want to do in the business is “their part” without financial ties to anyone else. This “purity” in our client engagements is, I believe, the hallmark of our success in entering the market, and gaining so many fabulous, high-level relationships in the process.

People often say that “doing business at the speed of trust” makes for greater success both in China and the USA. We try to live by that.

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