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Scope 5: Leading a second wave of sustainability data management software

“Scope 5’s goal is to help make energy efficiency and other sustainability programs more valuable to organizations.

~Yoram Bernet, CEO, Scope 5

The Scope 5 executive team has experience in a variety of senior management roles in product management, engineering, marketing, business development and business operations at companies ranging from corporate (Microsoft, Intel, Disney, Bell Labs) to more than 30 early-stage technology start-ups. The Executive Team is Yoram Bernet: CEO, co-founder, John Daly: VP Revenue & Partnerships, co-founder, and David Billstrom: Board Member/Advisor.

Q: Please tell us about Scope 5’s products or special expertise.

A: Scope 5 supports organizations seeking web-based solutions that are easy to use and can adjust to their evolving needs. Due to the flexibility of our software, support and pricing models, our customers range from municipalities to multinational corporations.

Our sustainability data management software is a solid and adaptable platform that enables companies to do so much more with the business metrics. Scope 5 tools help organizations improve cost, revenue and risk management.
Specifically, our software accomplishes two things.

  • First, it improves a company’s ability to capture, transparently manage and report sustainability data.
  • Second, it supports efficiency programs ranging from energy, water, waste and fuel to employee airline travel, volunteerism hours and employee commuting.

When companies can demonstrate the cost savings that come with effective data reporting, it helps them justify their sustainability efforts.

Q: Sustainability is a huge topic internationally, isn’t it?

A: Definitely. Companies are not just being asked to demonstrate their sustainability-related metrics (reporting as well as improvement), but they must start tracking and managing their supply chains/vendors (e.g. factories in China).

One of our big challenges here is that “sustainability” is the term that is used internationally (click here for an example involving western countries seeking to more effectively work with Chinese supply chain partners), and even within the US the term means different things to different people in different contexts.

Q: Can you give us some examples of the international nature of “sustainability” reporting?

A: Certainly. Here are three examples:

  1. Carbon Disclosure Project: Over 3,000 of the world’s largest companies are reporting their greenhouse gas emissions (mainly due to investor pressure and the fact that their major customers expect them to report and show progress).
  2. Global Reporting Initiative: Again, thousands of the world’s largest companies are using the GRI’s protocols for sustainability reporting, and many of them are creating annual GRI reports that are quite extensive across environmental and social factors, including their *supply chain members* (e.g. factories in China).
  3. The UK recently announced that all publicly traded companies in the UK must annually report their greenhouse gas emissions.
Q: Please explain the difference between “Wave 1” and “Wave 2” sustainability data management software.

A: Scope 5 is leading a second wave of sustainability data management software that is accessible and adaptable for small, medium and large organizations.

There has been a first wave of sustainability data management tools that are very complex and costly (click here to see our blog post on this).

There are very few “wave 2″ tools like Scope 5. We are better than spreadsheets (a common way to get started) and more “accessible” than most existing tools in terms of cost and complexity.

Our early customers include multinational Fortune 500 companies and even the City of Bellevue – organizations that had a need to manage this data, evaluated wave 1 solutions and decided they needed a wave 2 option.

Q: What is a Scope 5’s success strategy?

A: We are personally committed to the environment and have a keen sense of what businesses need to better run their operations. We help make energy efficiency and other sustainability programs more valuable to organizations. That principle is also our goal. It is what drives us.

Q: How has being located in Washington State benefited your business?

A: There is so much variety in the types of businesses here and the innovations in technology. Washington companies change the way people live and work, from wireless technologies, to software, renewable energy, aerospace, bio-technology, medical technologies and global health.

For each of these businesses, energy efficiency and reducing the expense of operations has become very important. Many companies understand that their efficiency or sustainability efforts are providing a critical competitive advantage.

Q: What opportunities do you see for your business in China or other parts of Asia?

A: At present we are focused on supporting U.S. based customers, including organizations with facilities located outside of the States. As these businesses grow, they will need our software to support the growing size and complexity of their organizations and to keep track of new business opportunities.

Many of these businesses are global leaders or striving to become that. That means there will be an endless number of opportunities for our company and others like us to grow. It’s another reason why the Bellevue-Seattle region is an exciting place to start and grow a business.

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